Observation mode

Instant observation mode

When looking at the information on your dashboard, by default, you see data at time machine instant. This is a little bit like looking at exactly one page of a book without looking at the previous or the next page. Whenever you talk about an instant in Decision Insight, it means the absolute thinnest slice of time you can imagine. It is a split-second, frozen mid-stride.

When you navigate into the past with the time machine using the default settings, you still have that same time machine instant view. In other words, you are looking at a particular past instant in time as if it were now. This enables you to replay past events exactly as they happened.

Over interval observation mode

The over interval observation mode enables you to look at data and how it evolves over a set range of time.


The width of that interval, the begin time and the end time are all tied directly to the rhythms defined in your application. For example, if the rhythm of your application is 5 minutes, you must pick begin and end times which are a multiple of 5 minutes. This means your interval will also be a multiple of 5 minutes.

When you select the over interval option for a pagelet in edit mode, some additional settings become available. The current option enables you to specify using a length of time, for example, five minutes, over which you want to see your data. That length of time starts at the current time that matches the selected rhythm of the application.

For example, if your application rhythm is 5 minutes, and you start the over interval observation mode at 4.43pm, which is not a multiple of 5 minutes, then the current over interval time extends into the future and goes from 4.40pm till 4.45pm.

This feature can be useful if the rhythm of your application is set to 1 day. Selecting the 1-day interval allows you to show progress so far in the current day. The width of the selected time interval stretches forward with the current time, giving you a consistent view of the day.

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