How to generate a new default.hash file?

What is the default.hash file?

The default.hash can be used to generate a new hash password. It is mostly intended for use by an admin that would like to regenerate the admin user password after an intentional data reset.

The script generates a default.hash file that is saved in <node dir>/var/data/default.hash file.

As a reminder, for security reasons, the admin user password is set at installation time. After the installation, the hashed password is saved in default.hash, located in <node dir>/var/data/default.hash 

When a node is started, the data folder is populated (first node start or data reset) and the default.hash file is "absorbed" by the node so that the selected password is associated to the admin user.

Note: for the default.hash file to be absorbed, the data must have been reset first. If the data has not been reset, generating a new hash file has no consequence.

Using the tnd-generate-admin-hash script

Execute the script <node dir>/bin/tnd-generate-admin-hash.bat (Windows) or <node dir>/bin/ (Linux).

If successful, the file default.hash is written to <node dir>/var/data.

After the script execution, you are prompted to choose a password and a corresponding default.hash is generated. The password must be longer than 3 characters as this is the policy for an admin password.

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