Decision Insight Messaging System (DIMS)

What is DIMS?

The Decision Insight Messaging System is the only recommended way to send messages between two Decision Insight applications in a safe and reliable way.

Data is sent from one application to the other via messages .

Messages are the fundamental unit of processing used by Decision Insight Messaging System.

  • Messages consist of a key, a timestamp, and a value whose format (a Java Map) is suitable for Decision Insight absorption.
  • Messages are independent data payloads sent over the network.
  • Messages are stored into topics , which are logical collections of messages dedicated to a common processing.

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Why is DIMS necessary?

As a dedicated messaging tool, DIMS is compulsory to implement some of Decision Insight features.


Triggers enable you to use and send messages. A node using triggers will create a message on data update/creation. Thanks to Decision Insight Messaging System (DIMS) , this message can then be used by the same node (ex: alarm use case) or transmitted to any other node in a fast, secure, and reliable manner. For an example of deployment that can use triggers, see cockpit pattern). 

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Notifications are used to make sure the right people and right systems get notified when a problem occurs.

The notification system uses DIMS to send notification events to the data integration.

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What are DIMS other usages?

DIMS is a tool designed to allow two nodes of Decision Insight to exchange data. As a result, it can be used to implement a clustered deployment of a Decision Insight solution. The recommended deployment for DIMS uses 3 nodes, which makes it a resilient way to exchange data. DIMS also has a retention policy which allows messages recovery in case of failure of the Decision Insight node reading from DIMS. 

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