Uninstall a node from Linux

Stop the node

For more information, see Manage a node under Linux.

Backup the node data (optional)

If you want to keep your data, save the <working directory>.

Remove the service

Uninstall the service from the operating system's service control manager by executing the provided uninstall script in < installation directory>/bin/tnd-service-unregister.sh  using user <System administration account>:

> ./<installation directory>/bin/tnd-service-unregister.sh
unregistering service auto run levels using update-rc.d
 Removing any system startup links for /etc/init.d/DecisionInsight ...

This removes service-run levels and uninstalls the service script form /etc/init.d

Manually delete directories

Manually delete <installation directory>, <working directory> & <logging directory>.

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