Manual libraries

About manual libraries

Manual libraries is the way to manually install Apache Camel components and custom components.

This is the recommended way to install custom or proprietary jars that are not available in managed libraries. For all other basic uses of Apache Camel components, we recommend to use managed libraries.

Manual libraries dependencies

One manual library can require one or more other libraries to work. In that case a library that depends on another library is called a library dependency. .

Manual libraries workflow


To create a manual library, click the New Library button.

Enter the following information:

  • Name – Name of the library you are creating.
  • Dependencies – Any library dependency necessary for the library you are currently creating to work.
  • Library jar files – The jar files containing your custom code.

Here is an example of a manual library created to provide the mail Camel component:

To manually upload a jar file, click the Upload library jar button.

You can get jar files from Apache Camel components or from in the the official Apache Camel documentation or in other proprietary Camel documentation.

You must ensure the jar files that you use match the Camel version used in the product. For more information , see How to retrieve the Camel version of Decision Insight.

Security best practices
You must never upload untrusted files to your installation. Make sure to have every file scanned by an anti-malware software before it can be used in the product.

For new manual libraries to be taken in account in existing routes, restart the routes.


To modify any existing manual library in DI, select the library and edit the relevant fields in the Details area.

For your changes to apply, you must do one of the following:

  • Quick but could impact performance – Restart the node.
  • Thorough method:
    • Update the associated data integration connectors (save the connectors again).
    • Restart the associated Data Integration routes (stop and start).


To delete a manual libraries, use the trash button   in the libraries list.

If you are unable to delete a manual library  , it can be because the library is still being used:

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