You can use libraries to store Apache Camel components which in turn enables you to extend the functional capability of data integration in Axway Decision Insight (DI). 

A component is essentially a factory of endpoints instances that can be used in the routes via their URIs.

You can configure these components with DI connectors.

Learn more about Apache Camel Architecture here:

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About the Libraries screen

To access the Libraries screen, click the Data Integration  icon. On the left menu, click Libraries.

The libraries area lists all the installed libraries in the selected space.

Installed libraries can be manual libraries or managed libraries:

  • Click the New Library button to install a manual library
  • Click the Repository button to install a managed library

Warning icon displayed in the library area

When a library jar file contains an executable file (.so, .dll, .exe, etc.), the entire library is disabled for security reasons and cannot be used.

In that case, an error log is produced, a warning icon is displayed next to the library and the invalid library jar files also have a warning icon.

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