How to resend events to the tnd-event endpoints ?

In some situations, events need to be sent again to the routes that listen for tnd-event:

  • the route have been created after the underlying indicator or entity have been absorbed or computed
  • the route was stopped or had a malfunction during a certain period of time
  • the route logic was wrong and after updating it, the previous events need to be reprocessed with the correct processing logic

Some Gogo commands are available to resend events

Resend events for one particular event endpoint

The command has the following syntax:

resendEventsByName <space key> <event endpoint name> <interval begin> <interval end>

Events are resent for the specified event endpoint over the given interval.


resendEventsByName MySpace StepPaymentCount 2016-04-26T12:00:00.000+02:00 now

Resend events for all event endpoints of a space

The command has the following syntax:

resendEventsBySpaceKey <space key> <interval begin> <interval end>

Events are resent, over the given interval, for all the event endpoints belonging to the specified space.


resendEventsBySpaceKey MySpace today now

Parameters descriptions

  • space key: the key of space that contains the event endpoint on which to resend events. (warning) The space key is different than the space name. Please go to Configuration > Spaces to retrieve the space key.
  • event endpoint name (only for resendEventsByName command): the name of the event endpoint that is displayed in the Data Integration > Events screen.

  • interval begin: the valid time interval start. ISO date format or special keywords today (equals current date at midnight) and yesterday (equals to today date minus 1 day) can be used

  • interval end: the valid time interval end. ISO date format or special keyword now (equals to current date and time) can be used.

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