How to monitor HTML dashboard usage

As an application builder, if you want to know which users are looking at which HTML dashboards, you can use the metric.log file provided by Axway Decision Insight (DI). 

About the metric.log file

The metric.log file is located in DI_installation_folder\var\log.

The file may contain other types metrics. Only the lines where the metric value is Dashboard displayed have the described format for the args attribute.

An event is logged each time a user loads or refreshes an HTML dashboard in a browser. To see all the list of all these events, see the metric.log  log file. 

Format of a dashboard event

Each event in the metric.log file is listed as a JSON line. Each line contains the following JSON attributes:


The event time in ISO8601 format


For a dashboard event, the value is Dashboard displayed.



UUID of the dashboard


One of the following values:

  • loaded – A user has navigated to this dashboard, or the mini dashboard is displayed
  • refreshed – The time machine has changed and the dashboard data has been refreshed (either because the time machine is set to Live and the dashboard self-refreshed or because a user has changed the time machine value)


Title of the dashboard


Username of the user who has loaded or refreshed the dashboard

The metric.log  file parsing must be able to ignore attributes that are unknown.

Example dashboard event

{"time": "2018-01-24 19:52:16,513", "metric": "Dashboard displayed", "args": {"uuid": "00000000-f002-0000-1612-97f7f1300801", "action": "loaded", "title": "User", "user": "admin"}}
{"time": "2018-01-24 19:53:00,408", "metric": "Dashboard displayed", "args": {"uuid": "00000000-f002-0000-1612-97f7f1300801", "action": "refreshed", "title": "User", "user": "admin"}}
{"time": "2018-01-24 19:54:00,444", "metric": "Dashboard displayed", "args": {"uuid": "00000000-f002-0000-1612-97f7f1300801", "action": "refreshed", "title": "User", "user": "admin"}}
{"time": "2018-01-24 19:55:00,471", "metric": "Dashboard displayed", "args": {"uuid": "00000000-f002-0000-1612-97f7f1300801", "action": "refreshed", "title": "User", "user": "admin"}}

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