How to capitalize the CPU usage?

If your CPU cores are under-used, take better  advantage of your hardware by tuning the following parameters. 

Increasing the following parameters will also increase the consumed memory. Do not increase these if your memory usage is high.

Please follow the steps below to tune your CPU usage

1- Identify your performance concern

The default parameters are suitable for most recommended configurations. Change them only if you want to alleviate a performance concern.

Here are the top CPU consumer components:

Component Effects
  • All dashboards are slow to display data (if a single dashboard is slow, review its configuration).
  • Dashboards become slower as more users connect.
Live computing
  • Dashboards sometimes show <Not set> values for computed attributes.
  • Monitoring screens show that the average duration of an attribute is close or above computing rhythm.
Computing correction
  • Late data is not taken into account in a timely manner. See also Computing options.
  • Monitoring screens show a very high number of corrections and this number barely decreases.

2- Check your component health

Component Effects
  • Do not add too many dimensions by pagelet: 6 dimensions should be the maximum with no more than one transaction dimension.
  • For a Search dashboard:
    • Prefer several dashboards by domain instead of a single one with many criteria.
    • Use a large refresh rhythm; this type of dashboard typically does not require refreshing data every minute.
    • Check the Load data on demand option in dashboard settings.
  • Consider using a Clustered deployment if you have many users connecting at the same time.
Live computing
Computing correction
  • Minimize corrections
    • by preventing late absorptions in data integration
    • by configuring the Active recomputing period option as described in Computing options.

Purge data to get rid of obsolete data. This will alleviate data query.

3- Tune parameters

Parameter Description Default
com.systar.krypton.scheduler.poolSize Maximum number of Live computing tasks executed in parallel. 10
com.systar.krypton.scheduler.correctionPoolSize Maximum number of computing correction tasks executed in parallel. 5
com.systar.tungsten.maxConcurrentPlanExecution Maximum number of queries executed in parallel.
The queries can come from computing or dashboards.

Keep in mind that com.systar.tungsten.maxConcurrentPlanExecution must be greater than com.systar.krypton.scheduler.poolSizecom.systar.krypton.scheduler.correctionPoolSize to give space to others queries (dashboards, data integration queries, ...)

Component to improve Operations

Increase only com.systar.tungsten.maxConcurrentPlanExecution.

Live computing

Increase com.systar.krypton.scheduler.poolSize and com.systar.tungsten.maxConcurrentPlanExecution accordingly.

Computing correction

Increase com.systar.krypton.scheduler.correctionPoolSize and com.systar.tungsten.maxConcurrentPlanExecution accordingly.

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