In this section, learn how to modify the branding of the product from the HTML view. 

Application logo / Login page logo / Bookmark icon

You can modify the logos in the user interface by importing your own.

Your imported logos are not exported along with the application. Make sure to set them on all your environments (development / pre-production / production).

You can modify the following logos:

  • top left corner logo of the web user interface
  • login page logo
  • bookmark icon display in the browser window or the tab title and address bar (aka favicon)

To modify a logo:

  1. On the main menu, click Configuration   > Logo in the Administration section.
  2. Click the Change button next to the logo to update. 
  3. You can then upload an image and select it.
  4. Once your update is done, click Save.

Security best practices
You must never upload untrusted files to your installation. Make sure to have every file scanned by an anti-malware software before it can be used in the product.

This image library is restricted to the logo page. It is not possible to reuse your uploaded images in other parts of the application.

Product name

The product name is displayed in various locations, including the login page title or the Web services documentation. To change it, edit the conf/ file and edit the following line:

com.systar.platform.label=ACME Monitoring

For clustered deployments, make this change to all the nodes in your deployment.

Powered By Axway Decision Insight label

To hide the Powered By Axway Decision Insight label that appears in the bottom-right corner of the login page screen, edit the conf/ configuration file and add the following line:


For clustered deployments, make this change to all the nodes in your deployment.

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