Apache Camel components

Useful components

The following is a non exhaustive list of Apache Camel components that you can use with manual or managed libraries. Some of these components are included in Axway Decision Insight (DI) which means you don't need to install them yourself. For more information, see Included components.  

Component Description
AHC Perform asynchronous calls to HTTP servers
BBMS Consume BBMS messages

Use custom beans/classes to modify the current body

Decision table Evaluates an exchange against rules externalized in a resource
Decision Insight Messaging System Resilient and safe communication between 2 Decision Insight
Exec Execute system commands
Flatpack Parse fixed width and delimited files
FTP / FTPS / SFTP Call external servers using the FTP, FTPS or SFTP protocol
JDBC (Databases) Load values from a database
Jetty Consume or produce HTTP requests
JNDI Connector to a JNDI-provided connector
JMS Connect to JMS queues or topic using different JMS providers
JMX Connect to JMX and fetch information
JSON Parse JSON data
Kafka Produce or consume from Kafka
Lumberjack Receive messages sent by Filebeat using Lumberjack protocol
MAIL Send emails
Netty 4 Socket communication component
QLT - Tracking Objects Receive and decode monitoring events sent by Axway products
QUARTZ Trigger message with cron-like periods
RESTLET Produce or Consume REST services
SPRING-WS Perform web service calls (SOAP requests)
SQL Consume or produce SQL queries
TidyMarkup Parse malformed XML

Included components

The following lists the Apache Camel components that are included in Axway Decision Insight (DI). 



camel-csv Read and write CSV resources
camel-groovy Support Groovy expressions
camel-http4 Consume external HTTP resources
camel-jdbc Access database with JDBC using an SQL request defined in the body
camel-jms Use JMS queues (read and write)
camel-jmx Consume MBean's notifications
camel-kafka Produce and Consume Kafka message. Please use the component provided at Kafka as Axway has created a modified version of the original Apache component.
camel-stream Stream the content of the standard input as well as files or URLs
camel-stringtemplate Create the content of body using StringTemplate

The camel-http library has been removed due to security issues. Use camel-http4 instead.

For more information about Apache Camel components, see the official Apache documentation. Please note that all the components comprised in camel-core are also included in DI.

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