Access the Flex view using the Axway Desktop Client


You can use the Axway Desktop client desktop client to access the Flash interface of Axway Decision Insight (ADI) after the end of support of Adobe Flash.

We recommend to use the Axway Desktop Client to access the Flex view in a development environment, and not in a production environment.

The installer is available for Windows only. 

The latest release can be found here : Windows installer


A Windows 64-bit system is required. Desktop client was tested under Windows 10.


For security reasons, this should be performed by user with administrator rights.
  1. Retrieve the Desktop client from the Axway Support site : download client.
  2. Follow the installation steps described in the Axway Desktop Client documentation
    1. Unzip the installer in the directory of your choice.
    2. Open the <install_dir>/resources/whitelist.json file and complete it as instructed

        "BlockUntrustWebsite": "Yes",
        "logFolderLocation": "<path>/<to>/<logs>/<folder>",
        "cleanCookies": false,
        "pluginLocation": "<path>/<to>/<pepflashplayer>/<folder>//",
        "urlOptions": [
            "title": "Decision Insight application name",
            "url": "https://my.adi.application/app"
            "title": "Decision Insight cockpit",
            "url": ""
      	  "title": "IDP login",
      	  "url": ""
      	  "visible": false

      Note that URLs that need to be accessed to handle authentication with en external identity provider can be added in the whitelist.json file, with "visible"  set to false 

Using the Axway Desktop Client

  1. Make sure the Flex view of your Decision Insight installation is accessible, and that the role supposed to access it has the right permission

  2. Execute axway-desktop-client.exe.
  3. Select the ADI installation you want to connect to, as defined in the whitelist.json then click connect.
  4. Login, then the ADI client will be started in a full-screen window.


Comparing to a "classical" usage with a browser, there are some limitations:

  • Hyperlinks on dashboards that are defined to be opened in a new tab will be opened in another Axway Desktop Client window.
  • Hyperlinks on external urls will be blocked if not present in the whitelist.json

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