Part 4 - Thresholds and Evaluations

This part walks you further into:

  • Developing and displaying attributes, including the creation of new attributes using Derive and Aggregate functions.
  • Defining classifiers, thresholds, and evaluations. 

We assume that you've already successfully completed the previous parts of the tutorial.

By the end of Part 4, you will be able to:

  • Create a new entity for the processing step and link it to Global and Order.
  • Adapt routes and mappings to handle the Step attributes.
  • Expand the attributes for the Order entity
  • Load a larger set of data, covering an entire month of purchase orders.
  • Define a duration-based classifier.
  • Create an attribute to track the time an order spends in each step.
  • Add thresholds for time-in-step for each Step.
  • Configure evaluations for time-in-step to your dashboard.
  • Add a new type of filter based on entities.

Below you can access each section of this part:

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