Open Metrics (Prometheus)

Axway Decision Insight exposes some technical metrics with Open Metrics (text format). This enables some monitoring tools such as Prometheus to collect technical metrics and display them in technical monitoring tools.

HTTP exporter

The Open Metrics HTTP exporter is available on the following URL: <node url>/metrics

HTTP basic authentication is required for connecting. You can access this URL only if you have the Access monitoring tools permission.

Exported metrics

More metrics may be added in future releases.

JVM metrics

JVM metrics are exposed thanks to Prometheus JVM Client.  This gives you access to :

  • JVM memory metrics
  • JVM garbage collection metrics
  • JVM classloading metrics
  • JVM process metrics
  • JVM threads metrics
  • JVM version information

Usage example with Prometheus

Update the prometheus.yml file to add a scrape job. Update the following configuration with the adequate values:

  • job_name –  Use a unique name among other scrape jobs. All metrics collected through this job will have automatically a 'job' label with this value added to it.
  • username – The name of a DI user who has the permission Access monitoring tools.
  • password – The user password.
  • targets – The URL of the ADI node.

More information about Prometheus scrap job configuration can be found here.


  - job_name: 'adi'

        username: 'monitoring_user'
        password: 'monitoring_user_password'

    # metrics_path defaults to '/metrics'

    - targets: ['localhost:8080']

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