Node directories

Once you've installed Decision Insight on a node, the following directories are available in your installation directory:

Path Content Rights for process
bin/ Scripts to launch the node read only

Contains configuration files used by the node:

  • path.conf defines path to the product directory, working directory and the JRE to use
  • jvm.conf defines the configuration of the JVM, one parameter per line
  • defines run-time parameters of the node (see Node settings)
  • defines logging behavior (see Log configuration)
  • photon-authentication/settings.xml defines configuration for LDAP (see Configuring User Directories (LDAP))

read only

lib/licences/ Contains the license required to start the node. read only
lib/plugins/ Contains plugins jar files, for example Single sign-on. For more information, see Configure Single sign-on (SSO). read only

Contains the installation of the node. Do not modify anything in this directory and sub-directories.

Usefull information is in:

  • etc/license.html – contains the product license.
  • etc/about-platform.html – contains the exact versions of the product components.
read only
var/data/ Contains database files read + write

Contains node logs node.log, node-error.log, node-lifecycle.log, audit.log, integration.log, integration-error.log, ui.log and data integration specific logs.

For more information, see Log configuration.

read + write
var/run/ Contains runtime information (pid file, lock file, JMX and Telnet ports). read + write
var/tmp/ Contains temporary files that are deleted upon node startup. read + write
var/work/ Contains files used by the platform which are kept between startups (eg. transactions logs, usage statistics, query dump, etc.) read + write
var/conf/ Contains backup of conf files that are automatically updated. read + write

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