How to navigate through entity relations in order to use/select an attribute

When you're building a dashboard pagelet, you may often need to bring in information from different entities. This requires selecting the right attribute by navigating through entity relations.

Considering the following model:


In a pagelet, we want to list all cutoffs with their acquired amount and its Currency Symbol.

You have two options for selecting the currency symbol attribute starting from the Cutoff entity.

  1. On a dashboard pagelet using Cutoff as a dimension, add a new value and follow the relation from Cutoff to ClearingHouse.
  2. Follow the relation from ClearingHouse to Currency.
  3. Select the symbol attribute.

Select the right path

  1. From the Cuttoff entity pagelet, add a new value.
  2. Click the Would you like to bring attributes from another entity ?  hyperlink from the select an attribute screen.
  3. Select the destination entity directly, that is the Currency entity. On the screen, the Configure path area displays the paths that go from the source entity to the destination entity. 
  4. Select the desired path in the list.
  5. Click Done.

By default, the bottom path list displays only a predefined number of N paths. N is defined by the  property com.systar.carbon.dataservices.maxNumberOfPaths in the file. If you update this number, you must restart the node before the new value can take effect.

If the path you want is not displayed in the list, click the Get more paths button to load N more paths. If no more paths are loaded, then your Get more paths button is disabled.



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