General configuration

Decision Insight Messaging System (DIMS)

The notification system uses DIMS to send notification events to the data integration. That's why you need to choose a notification DIMS connector that you have previously created in any DI space. For information about how to create a DIMS connector, see Decision Insight Messaging System.

To access the notification configuration screen:

  1. On the main menu, click the Configuration icon   .
  2. On the left menu, under Runtime settings click Notification.
  3. Choose the connector to use.

The Notifications menu is only displayed to users with the Access administration tools and System integration rights. For more information about rights, see Managing rights.

Query Delay

Location: field com.systar.aluminium.notifications.queryDelay in conf/

The default value is the value of time machine live lag time (com.systar.nitrogen.dashboards.timeMachine.absorptionDelay) which is 60000 (1 minute) by default

Value is in milliseconds


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