Force the shutdown of a route

Why stopping a route takes times?

By default, when you stop a route, the system waits until there is no more in-process data. This prevents data loss.

If the route takes more than 5 minutes to stop, then it's forced to stop and thus drops the remaining in-process data.

How to force the shutdown?

In some cases, you don't want to wait five minutes before a route shuts down.

  • When the in-process data can be reprocessed later on (consuming from a database without deletion for instance).
  • When the route is invalid and you want to stop right away.

When you stop a route, a spinner icon indicates that the stop operation is currently in progress. If the operation takes more than two seconds, a force shutdown icon is displayed in the actions column for the route you are attempting to stop. 

Click the force shutdown button to force stop your route. A confirmation dialog box is displayed warning you that you may lose data by stopping the route. Click OK if you still want to proceed. 

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