Application builder

About the Application builder role

The Application Builder is the user responsible for creating the Decision Insight application.

HTML changes

In HTML, the user experience has been redesigned to improve the product, so we introduced some changes.

Context Impacts Comments
Pagelet "Create dashboard button" (error) No longer supported

The "create dashboard button" is accessible in Flex from the All dashboards screen.

> The pagelet usage should be removed.

Pagelet "Dashboard listing" (error) No longer supported

The new dashboard list screen replaces this feature. You can configure this screen from Perspectives.

> The pagelet usage should be removed.

Pagelet "Search by Criteria" (error) No longer supported

The new layout of a dashboard is made of a section for mandatory parameters and a section for filters (a.k.a. non mandatory parameters) that makes the "Search by Criteria pagelet" obsolete.

> The pagelet usage should be removed.

Pagelet "Instance editor" (error) No longer supported

No longer supported.

> This pagelet is in Lab. You can still use it in the Flex view for debugging or test purposes.

User login / Perspective (warning) Contract change

User must have access to at least one perspective to be able to access the application.

> Create a default perspective linked to the User role.

External hyperlinks (warning) Contract change

External hyperlinks previously redirecting to Flex dashboards won't work unless the user has the Flex access capability.

> Manually update the hyperlinks to target the HTML dashboards URLs. See Dashboard browsing URL format.

Dashboard parameters (warning) Contract change

The autocomplete feature (a.k.a Text input mode) for the Entity parameters has been merged with the drop-down list mode.

> Switching the display mode between drop-down list and Text input will not affect the display of the Entity parameter.

Mashlet fonts (warning) UX limitation

The following fonts are not supported: Monospace, serif, sans serif. They will be defaulted to Open Sans or sans-serif

> Do not use these fonts to configure the display of mashlets.

Mashlet "Pie" (warning) UX limitation

Text underline and gradients are not supported.

> Do not use these formatting options.

Pagelet "Datagrid" (info) Layout adjustment

Behaves differently when mixing fixed width and automatic (empty) width on the columns.

> Either set all columns widths (widths are considered as weights in that case) or none for consistent display.

If you used COLUMN dimensions, only the rich text mashlet will be displayed, with no style and no hyperlinks.

> Migrate your dimensions representation to rich text mashlet and adapt the display.

Pagelet "Instance" and "ImageMap" (info) Layout adjustment

As the mashlets do not use the exact same space to render some information might be hidden.

> Validate the edge of the pagelets to ensure that they are fully rendered else edit the dashboard layout to fix the issues.

Mashlet "Graph" (info) Layout adjustment

In Flex, even if the time axis format is configured so that there is not enough place to display all the ticks, the axis ticks are automatically sampled while in HTML the ticks interval is as configured.

> Do not configure a custom tick interval or choose one that is large enough to avoid ticks labels to overlap.

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