Release notes

Hotfix 02 delivered on May 2nd, 2018


New features and enhancements

For end users

Render the Forecast mashlet with a background or text color

It is now possible to configure the Forecast mashlet format to represent a classifier with a background color or to change its text color. It is still possible to represent the classifier as an icon.

For application developers

Data Integration Triggers now support multidimensional attribute monitoring

From now on, a data integration trigger can monitor multidimensional attributes like inProcessCount of Account x Cutoff.

See Triggers for more information.

Data Integration Triggers now support recomputing filtering

From now on, you can configure a data integration trigger to ignore events from recomputing.

For more information, see Triggers

For administrators


Fixed issues

Fixed security vulnerabilities

Support case Severity Details

No security vulnerability has been fixed in this release.

Other fixed issues

Hotfix 02

Support case




Critical Deletion summary is not working when an instance is created before its entity definition

Normal Migration to release 20180305 can take several minutes


Support case Severity Details

Normal Unable to navigate to a URL specified from an attribute, for example, in an action mashlet, in HTML view.

Normal In HTML view, multidimensional datagrid configurations were not working when using these mashlets: flat baseline, historical, multi historical or spark column mashlet.

Normal The last chart status value was not displayed if its VTEnd was UNTIL_END.

Normal In HTML view, Forecast display was broken when displayed for the first time on Mozilla Firefox.

Known issues




Support services

The Axway Global Support team provides worldwide 24 x 7 support for customers with active support agreements. 

Email or visit Axway Support at

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