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This page is for end-users of Axway Decision Insight (DI) who were previously working with the Flex dashboards. This page lists the main changes that you now get when working with the HTML view  

About the end-user role

The end-user is the user in charge of monitoring the dashboards from the DI application.

HTML changes

In HTML, the user experience has been redesigned to improve the product. The following table lists the main changes.

Context Impact Comments
User profile edition (erreur) No longer supported User profile information is managed by your administrator or by an external repository (LDAP, SSO).
Dashboard comments (erreur) No longer supported Since the URLs reflects the current application state (see Dashboard browsing URL format), you can easily share these URLs with other users.
Favorites dashboards Erreur (x) No longer supported

Since the URLs reflects the current application state (see Dashboard browsing URL format), you can use the bookmarking capability of your browser.

Dashboard parameters Erreur (x) No longer supported The functions that accept multiple inputs (for example, "In") are not available for the CalendarDuration, Duration and Instant types.
Erreur (x) No longer supported

If a dashboard hyperlink using a classifier or a boolean parameters is configured to always bring no result, it is considered as invalid, and is ignored.

e.g. A query result filtered using a boolean value AND(false) will always be empty. A query result filtered using a classifier LOWER THAN (LOW) will always be empty as well if LOW is the smallest value.

(info) UX change The instances listed in an Entity parameter drop-down can now be filtered and selected through an autocomplete search field.
(info) UX change The available values for classifier and boolean parameters are displayed as a multi-selection list. It doesn't require the function selection to set the parameter value.
Acknowledge mashlet UX limitation

The font size and color of the comment cannot be changed.

Pagelet "Dashboard listing" (info) UX change The list of dashboards is exclusively accessible from the All dashboards screen.
Pagelet "Search by Criteria" (info) UX change

The new layout of a dashboard is made of an area for mandatory parameters and an area for filters (a.k.a. non-mandatory parameters) that makes the Search by Criteria pagelet obsolete.

Relation Editor mashlet Info (i) UX change

If related entity has a classifier attribute in its key, it will be represented as a label, not an icon.

Pie chart mashlet Info (i) UX change

The values are displayed from 12 o'clock clockwise while in FLEX it is from 3 o'oclock counter-clockwise.

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