Default behavior of dashboard parameters

This topic describes how and why dashboard default settings values may change depending on how you access a given dashboard. 

Access a dashboard from the All dashboards screen or a time tag

When you visit a dashboard with no specific context, the dashboard is displayed based on all of the dashboard parameters default values.

Access a dashboard via an internal hyperlink

You can access dashboards via hyperlinks with preset dashboard parameters.

For example, you could have a payment search dashboard with a hyperlink for displaying results for the EUR currency, and another hyperlink for displaying the payments realized in the US .

If you click an internal hyperlink to access a dashboard, the dashboard parameters are initialized with the following algorithm:

  • If the hyperlink contains a value for this parameter, the value of the hyperlink is used.
  • If the hyperlink does not contain a value (Not Set), then:
    • If the parameter is configured with a default value in the target dashboard configuration, this default value is used.
    • Otherwise, the parameter is initialized with no selected value.

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