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Data integration libraries included

This page lists the camel libraries that are included in Decision Insight.

Library Description
camel-csv Read and write CSV resources
camel-groovy Support of Groovy expressions
camel-http4 Consume external HTTP resources
camel-jdbc Access database with JDBC using an SQL request defined in the body
camel-jms Use JMS queues (read and write)
camel-jmx Consume MBean's notifications
camel-kafka Produce and Consume Kafka message, see Kafka because we modified the component
camel-netty Communicate using TCP/UDP sockets
camel-stream Stream the content of the standard input as well as files or URLs
camel-stringtemplate Create the content of body using StringTemplate

The camel-http library has been removed due to security issues. Use camel-http4 instead.

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