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Learn how to use the BBMS component.


Create a new library with the following jars (in this order):

Camel version Library jars

See also How to retrieve the Camel version of Decision Insight.



The state handler allows to retrieve the last known BBMS message in order to resume reading from this point. The usual implementation uses a Query for retrieving the value (you configure here which query to use) and a Mapping in order to persist the value.

Create a new connector of type OTHER and configure the class name: com.axway.adi.camel.bbms.QueryStateHandler using the previously created library. Configure it using the available properties, you need to configure at least  query  and  queryAttribute .

query yes The name of ADI query used to retrieve the state
queryAttribute yes The name of the attribute in the ADI query used to retrieve the value of the state
defaultValue no

The default value if queryAttribute value is null.

Default value is: "Last"

extraParameters no

Allows to configure custom parameters for the query.

Default value is: ""

Format is: paramName1=paramValue1;paramName2=paramValue2


If you want to configure the SSL, create a connector following the instructions at How to configure SSL on a component.


URI properties


State handler for retrieving the last known state value

Its value is prefixed with a # in order to indicate that it must be extracted from the Connectors

messageType no

BBMS message type parameter for subscription

Default value is: "All"

checkUpdate no

BBMS check update parameter for subscription

Default value is: "Y"

fields no

BBMS fields parameter for subscription

Default value is: "All"

idleTimeout no

Number of idle seconds before disconnecting and reconnecting

Default value is: "30"


TLS configuration

Its value is prefixed with a   # in order to indicate that it must be extracted from the Connectors

For security purpose, we highly recommend usage of TLS configuration.

With TLS

<routes xmlns="" xmlns:u="">
        <from uri="bbms:{{bbms_address}}?stateHandler=#bbmsQueryState&amp;sslContextParameters=#sslContextParameters"/>
        <log message="${body}"/>

Without TLS

TLS configuration

Although it is not mandatory, we advise you to always configure TLS connection and forbid non encrypted communication. If not configured:

  • Data is not encrypted.
  • Without mutual authentication, you cannot ensure that connected clients are trusted.
<routes xmlns="" xmlns:u="">
        <from uri="bbms:{{bbms_address}}?stateHandler=#bbmsQueryState"/>
        <log message="${body}"/>

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