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How to change the JRE of a node?

The Axway Decision Insight (DI) installer is delivered with an embedded JRE. When DI is installed on a node, the JRE is automatically updated along with the DI updates.

How to use your own JRE?

If you would like to use your own JRE, make sure it matches the following requirements:

  • Oracle Java SE 8, version 1.8.0_45 64-bit or later.
    • JDK or a Server JRE are required to access monitoring tools.
      Tip: You can download and then install Oracle Java SE from the Oracle Web site.
  • (warning) OpenJDK is not supported.

On a clustered deployment, follow these steps for all the nodes in your deployment:

  1. To set your JRE, update:
    • The <install directory>/conf/path.conf file.
    • The JRE_DIR to your own JRE directory.
  2. Ensure than both the  <Decision Insight administration account> and  the  <Decision Insight execution account>  accounts are authorized to run a java program using your JRE.



How to use the embedded JRE?

For Windows installation

Update the file <install directory>\conf\path.conf and set JRE_DIR like this:


For Linux installation

Update the file <install directory>/conf/path.conf and set JRE_DIR like this:


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