Release notes

Hotfix 03 delivered on March 1st, 2018


Html UI

The HTML UI is now the default UI. It can no longer be disabled and all users will be redirected to this UI.

For more information about the differences between the Flex UI and the HTML UI, see the HTML Guide.

New features and enhancements

For end users

The Axway Connected menu is added to the HTML UI

This menu is accessible by clicking on the small arrow on the bottom right of the application logo. It contains a list of links common to all the Axway products. 

The connected menu is enabled by default. If you want to disable it, add the following property:



Full details are available in Node settings, in the Connected Menu section.

For application developers

HTML UI is now the main entry point for end users

All users are now automatically redirected to the HTML UI by default.

The Access flex application permission, available in the role configuration screen, is disabled by default for the User role and all new roles.

A user who has the Access flex application permission is able to access both the FLEX UI ( and the HTML UI (

A user who does not have the permission is only able to access the HTML UI (

=>  With an automatic redirection to the HTML UI when trying to access the FLEX UI.

The permission is not removed from existing roles upon node/cluster upgrade.

For more information, see the HTML Guide.

For administrators

Access to the HTML UI cannot be disabled

The HTML5 version of the UI is enabled by default. Administrators can no longer disable access to it. If access to it was previously disabled due to having the following line in conf/


This property will be automatically removed from the file upon upgrade.

Fixed issues

Fixed security vulnerabilities

Support case Severity Details

low CVE-2017-17484: vulnerability in icu libc

Other fixed issues

Hotfix 03

Support case




Fail fast can occurs
When migrating a database older than 20170529


Distributed plan are not correctly cancelled

When they reach timeout

High Time shift is not applied to input value in historical baseline mashlet

Normal Axis titles not correctly displayed on HTML UI

Hotfix 02

Support case




Normal After import Access Flex Application is checked for all roles


Support case Severity Details

Normal Exported datagrid result in HTML UI is limited by the platform property.

Known issues



Export a pagelet

A new topic is available to describe how the Export pagelet feature works. For more information, see Export a pagelet.

Support services

The Axway Global Support team provides worldwide 24 x 7 support for customers with active support agreements. 

Email or visit Axway Support at

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