Release notes

Hotfix 04 delivered on March 1st, 2018

New features and enhancements

For end users


A first version HTML5 user interface can be accessed. It is activated by default on any node, even if it's possible to disable it by setting the option com.systar.helium.html.ui.enabled = false in

The UI can be accessed by adding /ui at the end of the URL used to access the product. For instance, if you access Decision Insight with the URL , then the HTML UI will be available at .

Please note that as a first version, it has some limitations. Please refer to HTML5 known limitations for the full details on this version limitations.

Dynamic browser tab title

The browser tab title is now the title of the current dashboard. When the user is not viewing a dashboard, the current section name is displayed.

For application developers

Use the HTML UI as the main entry point for specific users

It is now possible to automatically redirect users that only need to use the application to the HTML UI per default.

A new  Access flex application permission is available in the role configuration screen:

A user who has the Access flex application permission is able to access both the FLEX ( and HTML ( UI.

A user who does not have the permission is only able to access HTML  ( UI.

→  With an automatic redirection to the HTML UI when trying to access to FLEX UI.

The permission will be granted by default to every role after the platform upgrade.

Dashboard menu entry for accessing the HTML UI

It is now possible to access the HTML UI from the FLEX one.

To enable this button, the current user must have either one of the following permissions enabled: Data visualization or Bypass Security.

When a user clicks this new button,the HTML UI of the same dashboard is displayed in a new browser tab.

The HTML version of the dashboard will open with the same time machine and parameter options activated as the dashboard in the FLEX UI. Clicking the button once again will not open a second tab with the HTML UI, but will instead update the first one.

For administrators

New database storage type for platform configuration elements

This new storage decreases significantly the amount of data needed to store all the internal configuration elements of the platform.  These elements are not related to the data absorbed with data integration.

Every new platform installed starting with this release will use the new database storage type. All existing databases will remain on the previous implementation and this configuration data will not be migrated to the new storage type.

Fixed issues

Fixed security vulnerabilities

Support case Severity Details

Low CVE-2017-15650: vulnerability in musl libc of docker image

Low CVE-2017-14952 : vulnerability in icu libc

Other fixed issues

Hotfix 04

Support case





Fail fast can occurs
When migrating a database older than 20170529



Distributed plan are not correctly cancelled

When they reach timeout

Hotfix 03

Support case




UI queries don't reach replica nodes

when using third party proxy.

Hotfix 02

Support case




Critical Dashboards show KPI values as undefined and computing takes longer after enabling Distributed Computing


Support case Severity Details
00926205 Critical Query engine has been improved to deal better with a form of multidimensional computing for which it was suboptimal.


Replica cannot restart

when all database files are already up-to-date.


Variance have a negative value

When dealing with small and close input values.


Support case




Last value is selected by default

When creating a simple attribute parameter without default value.

Known issues




Support services

The Axway Global Support team provides worldwide 24 x 7 support for customers with active support agreements. 

Email or visit Axway Support at

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