Pagelet types


Datagrid pagelet

For information about how to create multi-dimensional datagrids, see How to create multi-dimensional datagrids.

Datagrid with chart

Datagrid using time as a dimension

Instance pagelet

This pagelet provides a detailed view of a single entity instance in a grid layout. You can add charts or display text attributes or both.

Instance pagelet with one big chart

Instance pagelet with chart and text

Image map pagelet

  • Provides a still background image or background color where you can freely position mashlets.
  • Possibility to use multiple source instance entities.

Image map mashlet with a white background

Image map mashlet with an image background

Create dashboard button pagelet

This pagelet adds a Create dashboard button to a dashboard.

Dashboards listing pagelet

This pagelet displays a list of shortcuts to all or some of the dashboards in your perspective. You can display:

  • The dashboards you view the most.
  • The dashboards you've visited recently.
  • All the dashboards in your perspective.

Note: Even if you set your dashboard list to display only your most used or most recently visited dashboards, you will still have a hyperlink to view All dashboards at the bottom of the list.

Activity pagelet

This pagelet displays activity, that is comments, linked to an entity. Activities are listed in a decreasing order considering their creation time.

Important : To create an activity pagelet, you must create an acknowledge mashlet on one of your dashboard pagelets first. For more information about how to create an acknowledge mashlet, see How to create alarms.

Clone pagelet

Clones an existing pagelet in your application so you can start editing your pagelet from there. When you select this option, select the dashboard that contains the desired pagelet, then select the pagelet. The Preview area lets you view the pagelet you want to clone. If you're happy with your choice, click Done. Your pagelet is cloned. 

Search by criteria pagelet

This pagelet provides a grid of search criteria for data filtering.

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