Release notes

Hotfix 03 delivered on January 9th, 2018

New features and enhancements

For end users


A first version HTML5 user interface can be accessed. It is activated by default on any node, even if it's possible to disable it by setting the option com.systar.helium.html.ui.enabled = false in

The UI can be accessed by adding /ui at the end of the URL used to access the product. For instance, if you access Decision Insight with the URL , then the HTML UI will be available at .

Please note that as a first version, it has some limitations. Please refer to HTML5 known limitations for the full details on this version limitations.

Format as XML option available

The "Format as XML" option, available for String values displayed in value mashlets, is now taken into account in HTML5.

All supported mashlets are available

HTML UI now supports the display of all non deprecated mashlet types. The relation editor mashlet, used to change the instance targeted by a relation, and the forecast mashlet, used to display the forecasts of a value and/or a classifier, are now supported by the HTML UI. Please note that here might still be some restriction in the available options (see HTML5 known limitations for more details)

Gauge Mashlet warning message

For the case where the minimum limit is greater than the maximum one, the user will now be displayed a notification with the following message:

Gauge cannot be displayed with current values: min = <min_val>, max = <max_val>, value = <val>

where <min_val><max_val> and <val> represent concrete values used by the mashlet.

For administrators

Deleted attributes no longer consume resources

When a computed attribute used to be deleted after its creation date, it used to still trigger recomputing over its valid time.
It is no longer the case: a computed attribute is now completely inactive, whether it is deleted at its creation date or after.

Fixed issues

Fixed security vulnerabilities

Support case Severity Details

The latest Oracle Java JRE is included in the installer

Oracle Java JRE 1.8.0_152 was released on October 17th, 2017, and it is now included by default in the product.

Other fixed issues

Hotfix 03

Support case




Critical Dashboards show KPI values as undefined and computing takes longer after enabling Distributed Computing

Hotfix 02

Support case



00926205 Critical Query engine has been improved to deal better with a form of multidimensional computing for which it was suboptimal.


Support case Severity Details

Critical Partial purge can discard unexpected data.

Critical Starting a Route with an incomplete camel library creates an infinite loading screen.


Error during new classifier creation

When a platform is started with a nodeId that is not equal to 1


Support case Severity Details


Acknowledge mashlets displayed in the minidashboard are disabled

When pausing the time machine.


Some graphs are not displayed

when using Chrome and the browser window is small.


Non explicit error occurs

When exporting a pagelet containing OS forbidden characters in its name.

Normal On IE 11, pagelets are not sorted in export pagelet popup

Normal The space between text and activity information is too big in activity pagelet.


Last login info panel is not correctly displayed

when browser window is small.


HTML flat baseline crashes pagelet display

when there is no value.


The classifier value is not changed

When the acknowledge mashlet is placed in the mini-dashboard.


Instance pagelet layout is not correct

when the pagelet contains graphs.

Known issues




Support services

The Axway Global Support team provides worldwide 24 x 7 support for customers with active support agreements. 

Email or visit Axway Support at

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