Axway SSO agent


The main goal of the Axway SSO agent is to provide an external way to authenticate users.

Two protocols can be used:

  • SAML 2.0
  • Kerberos (SPNEGO)

Installation and configuration

  1. Download the agent sso-agent-1.8.0-2.jar
  2. Copy of the jar file into /path/to/decision/insight/lib/plugins directory
  3. Change the to reference the agent configuration file:
    # for example:
    # axway.sso.config.file=${com.systar.platform.conf.dir}/axway-sso-service-provider.xml
    # or
    # axway.sso.config.file=/mnt/adi/conf/axway-sso-service-provider.xml
  4. Apply a configuration depending on the protocol you use:

Debug log on the authentication

Edit the and add:

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