Node directories

When installing a Decision Insight Messaging System (DIMS) node, the following directories are available:

Path Content Rights for node process
<install directory>/bin/ Scripts used to launch the node read only
<install directory>/conf/

Contains configuration files used by the node:

  • (orchestrator|messaging-server)/path.conf defines path to the product directory, working directory and the JRE to use
  • (orchestrator|messaging-server)/jvm.conf defines the configuration of the JVM, one parameter per line
  • (orchestrator|messaging-server)/ defines run-time parameters of the node
  • (orchestrator|messaging-server)/ defines logging behavior

read only

<install directory>/product/{delivery_name}/

Contains the installation of the node. Do not modify anything in this directory and its sub-directories.

read only
<working directory>/data/ Contains database files read + write
<working directory>/log/ Contains node logs read + write
<working directory>/run/ Contains runtime information (pid files) read + write
<working directory>/tmp/ Contains temporary files read + write

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