Axway strives to create accessible products and documentation for users. The following describes the accessibility features of Datastore and its documentation.

Product accessibility

Datastore has the following accessibility features:

  • Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

Datastore has keyboard shortcuts for navigating the user interface and performing actions.

The following table lists keyboard shortcuts you can use.

To do this Press
Move focus to next item Tab
Move focus to previous item Shift + Tab

Move focus to next or previous item in:

  • Main navigation toolbar
  • Secondary navigation toolbar

Expand or retract folders in query / history tree

Left and right arrow keys

Move focus to next or previous item in:

  • Query / history tree

Up and down arrow keys
Activate item with focus Enter
Close window / cancel action Esc
Show context menu in query / history tree for item with focus Context menu key

Documentation accessibility

This documentation provides the following accessibility features:

  • Screen reader support
  • Support for high contrast and accessible use of colors

Screen reader support

  • Alternative text is provided for images whenever necessary.
  • The PDF documents are tagged to provide a logical reading order.

Support for high contrast and accessible use of colors

  • The documentation can be used in high-contrast mode.
  • There is sufficient contrast between the text and the background color.
  • The graphics have the right level of contrast and take into account the way color-blind people perceive colors.


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