Create Datastore exits

To add a new exit to Datastore Runtime, refer to the readme.txt in the <DatastoreRuntimeInstall>/extra/java directory.

To add a new exit to Datastore Client:

  1. Create a class that implements one of the following Java interfaces depending on which kind of exit you want to add:
  2. Function



    com.axway.ais.dsclient.function.BaseDSFunction (recommended)

    The default implementation provides basic Datastore access services. It initializes and loads internal objects based on function input parameters. It is recommended that you extend this class when you implement a new function exit.
    Variable com.axway.datastore.runtime.api.base.extension.variable.Variable The interface defines the structure of a variable that can be used in the queries.
    Exporter com.axway.ais.dsclient.export.Exporter Interface used to implement an AIS exporter.
  3. The exit Java classes that you have created must be included in the package named exits or in a sub-package.
  4. Export your exit classes to a jar file.
  5. Add the exits jar file to the <DatastoreClientInstall>/war/WEB-INF/lib directory for Datastore Client.
  6. Add the exits jar file to the <DatastoreClientInstall>/extra/aisclient-tools/lib directory for Datastore Client Tools.
  7. Add the exits jar file to the <DatastoreRuntimeInstall>/lib/ext directory for Datastore Runtime Tools.
Note   If you are using Eclipse JAR Export, make sure you check the Add directory entries option.

Datastore Client also provides predefined exits:

  • GoToParentsFunction exit
  • GoToOriginAncestorsFunction exit
  • GoToChildrenFunction exit
  • GoToFinalDescendantsFunction exit
  • ListCollectionsFunction exit
  • GetReconciliationResultsFunction exit
  • GetSource1Function exit
  • GetSource2Function exit
  • GetSourcesFunction exit
  • ListReconciliationCollectionsFunction exit
  • LastWeekVariable exit
  • LastMonthVariable exit
  • YesterdayVariable exit
  • TodayVariable exit
  • UsernameVariable exit
  • CSVExporter exit

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