Manage query preferences

About query preferences

Query preferences

Query data is displayed according to the configuration that is associated with the format. You can change the fields display settings using the Preferences button in the Results panel. You can use:

  • Either the user configuration
  • Or the default configuration that is automatically generated the first time the query is executed.

Query preferences settings are result property-related:

  • Column width
  • Column text & background color
  • Cell alignment
  • Column label
  • Visible/not visible
  • Column order
  • Tab definition and formats
  • Filters defined for each result tab
  • Aggregation criteria defined for each result tab

You can choose to display the data in table layout (in a grid) or form layout (2 columns).

Automatic update of user preferences

As you work on the queries, every display change that you perform in the results panel is stored as preferences in the configuration repository and reapplied on the next session. Preferences are automatically saved on the main user actions: logout, query change, preferences panel display, search panel display.

Manual update of user preferences

You can also save aggregation, filters and column sizes and positions as well as the multi tab settings applied to the query results in the query preferences by using the Set As default option. Filter and aggregation settings will be applied when the user will execute query in the future.

If you select the Set as default for all, all the users that execute the query will have the same preferences as the ones set on the current results. This option is disabled if you do not have the corresponding PassPort rights.

Set query preferences

Query preferences consist in a list of features that you can set to display the query execution result in a user-friendly and in a functional manner.

  1. Execute a query.
  2. In the Query Result screen, select your preferences option:
    • Click Preferences to display the Preferences screen.
    • Click Set as default to save aggregation, filters, column size and position, multi-tab settings applied, etc.
    • Click Set as default for all to set up the preferences for all users on this query.
  3. In the Preferences screen:
    • Complete the identification fields.
    • FieldDescription
      Tab titleLabel of the result tab for which the preferences are set.
    • Set display type: Grid or Form view.
      Click More and select Switch to form view to display the content of a table that includes many fields without having to scroll. Your data is displayed in a 2-column layout.
    • Modify as needed the display settings for your query or set of queries.
      1. Modify the display attributes for each argument as needed.
      2. FieldDescription

        Column rank.

        You can reorder the list of fields (Up, Down, Top, and Bottom buttons).

        NameField name.

        Field data type: String, Date, DateTime, Integer, Decimal, Long.


        Column label.


        Field visibility. Check box to make field visible, clear box to hide the field.


        Field column width.


        Text alignment: Left, Right, Centered.

        Background color

        Background color for the field and text color.

        To modify one of these attributes, click the square box that displays a color. A dialog pane pops ups and you can:

        • Either select a color in a grid.
        • Or enter the hexadecimal value that corresponds to the color.
        Text color
      3. To reorder the lines, use the Up and Down buttons.
  4. Click OK.


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