Execute a contextual query

Contextual queries can be both requests and functions. They require that you select data before it can be executed. Therefore they are not available to be executed unless the lines that you select in P1 or P2 result panes match the query input type definition. The contextual queries available for execution are included in the header combo box in both P1 and P2 result panels.

Contextual queries are shown in the query tree with a different icon.

  1. Execute the query from the main screen:
    Select queryTo display results in

    Right click query in list and select :

    • Execute
    • Execute in panel 2
    P1 or P2
    Double click query in query tree of navigator paneP1 by default
    From P1/P2 header comboThe panel that contains the combo box
  2. If some of the arguments or values are missing, the Query Wizard prompts you to:
    • Enter the required values.
    • Click OK.
  3. When the execution has ended, the results are displayed in the selected result panel if they are available right away.
    However if it is a long duration query, a notification is displayed and a link provided to access the execution results.

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