Aggregate queries

You use the aggregation feature to have a different view on the query results.

  1. In the main screen, execute a Query (double-click the query or right-click and choose Execute).
    The query is executed and the result displayed in the Results panel.
  2. Click Quick Aggregation.
    The system opens the Aggregation dialog window.
  3. In the Aggregation dialog screen, enter a string in the search field or select the type of properties that you want to display.
    The system displays a list of properties.
  4. From the list, select one or more properties that you want to make visible then drag-and-drop them onto the right pane.
    You can use the same property as many times as needed in order to apply different actions.
  5. Select an aggregation action for each of the properties.
    Depending on the property, the drop-down list displays one or more of the following actions:
    • Group: group the records.
    • Sum: sum of the property values of the group.
    • Average: average of the property values of the group.
    • Min.: minimum value of the property values of the group.
    • Max.: maximum value of the property values of the group.
  6. You can also use one special entry in the list of properties: Count – for the number of instances.
  7. Reorder the list if necessary using the Up, Down, Top, and Bottom buttons.
    The order of the properties indicates the order in which the columns will be displayed in the query execution result.
  8. Click OK.

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