Execute a reconciliation function

When the execution of a function is in progress, you cannot launch the function again until the results are displayed. However, another user can execute it if the function is not shared. You can execute other queries while waiting for reconciliation results.

  1. Execute the function from the main screen:
    Select functionTo display results in

    Do a right-click on the function in the tree and select:

    • Execute
    • Execute in panel 2
    Panel 1 or panel 2
    Double-click the function in the treePanel 1 by default
  2. The argument pop-up will be displayed with at least the following arguments present:
    1. Ignore comments checkbox: Specifies to the reconciliation function that you wish to ignore/include the rows from the two sources that have comments attached to them. It is checked by default to ignore comments.
    2. The Reconciliation identifier property value for the current execution.
  3. If in the reconciliation function definition the start date/end date for the source collections were not filled in, then these fields should be displayed as well and must be filled in for the execution to continue.
  4. Once you have provided all the inputs required and launched the reconciliation function, the execution feedback will be displayed in the tree next to the reconciliation function.
  5. When the execution has ended, the results are displayed in the selected result panel if they are available right away.
    However if it is a long duration query, a notification is displayed and a link provided to access the execution results.

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