Extract data

The Extract facility allows you to execute a query and store the result in an output file:

dstools extract --file data.txt --query folder/myquery

Where -file indicates the output file name, and --query indicates the complete path to the query.

You can use the startDate and endDate command line arguments to overwrite query definition settings. Limits such as maximum number of returned rows or maximum execution time, are not applied during extraction.

Use format to produce a Variable Flat File or a Fixed Flat File output file.

Variable Flat File format

Use the Label and header parameters to add label and header lines.


Use the parameter language to localize output file labels and separators using the datastore dictionary.

To customize the datastore dictionary by adding a language and changing labels or technical information:

  • Use the Designer to create and populate a dictionary name datastore.
  • Deploy the dictionary into the admin application.
  • Restart Apache Tomcat (or the Administration application in WebSphere).

The following table displays an example of technical information values:

Key Value
VariableFlatFile.delimiter ,
VariableFlatFile.quoteChar "
VariableFlatFile.decimalFormat en
VariableFlatFile.dateFormat MM/dd/yyyy
VariableFlatFile.dateTymeFormat MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm

For functional properties, the property type name is used as dictionary key and the label as value:

Key Value
CRE_TYP Input Type
ENR_NOM Record Name
CRE_VERSIO Input Version

Output format

Parameter output-name (or parameters output-name and output-version) allows you to map the query result to an ObjectType definition:

dstools extract --file data.txt --query folder/myquery -output-name ACC_ME

When output-version is omitted, the last valid Object type is used. The validity of the Object type is determined by comparing its validity period compared with the extraction date.

Files with decimal property types

To export files with decimal fields, the fields must be defined with the formatter decimalFormatter.

To export files with Variable Flat File decimal fields, the fields must be defined with the formatter commaDecimalFormatter.


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