Specify space details

Create a space and complete its properties.

Field Type / Max. length Contents
Name String / 50

Space name

Editable String / 1
  • True if space is editable.
  • False if the space is read-only.
Partition policy String / 30

Partitioning policy specified for the current space.

Possible values are:

  • None - space is not partitioned
  • Day - a partition is created for each day
  • Period - the partitions are created according to the Period table object declared in Global Settings, Advanced tab.
Security Object Type String / 50

Security filter to use when accessing the objects of the Space.

This field must contain a valid Object Type name.

Space access privileges are defined according to the Security Object Type.

You associate a Security Object Type to a Space. This means that the permissions set for this Object Type in PassPort will be applied to all Object Types stored in this Space. This permissions only apply to this Space.


The Security Object Type has a BackOffice property that is set to "authorizable". In PassPort, a VIEW privilege is created for this type with conditions.

The objects that the user will see in the Space will depend on the conditions set for BackOffice.

Note The Security Object Type must be in the current space. This means that you cannot use the same Security Object Type for multiple spaces. If needed, it is possible to copy the Security Object Type into another space.

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