Function exit

When implementing new function exits, DSFunction or BaseDSFunction (recommended) interfaces should be implemented.

Classes that implement these interfaces must be annotated with the org.springframework.stereotype.Component annotation.

Optionally org.springframework.context.annotation.Scope annotation may be used ("prototype" or "singleton").

public interface DSFunction
       * This constant will identify an object in the parameter map of type
       * {@link com.axway.ais.dsclient.function.FunctionContext}. The object here will contain information related
       * to the function running environment, like the cache from where the parameters are loaded.
       public static final String FUNCTION_CONTEXT     = "FunctionContext";

       * This constant identifies an object in the parameter map of type {@link java.util.Map} which 
       * should be used by function implementor to add the cacheIds used inside the function as a key in the
       * maps,  and as a value the list of executionIds for each cacheId.
       * This map will be used in order to be able to delete all cache information when the query expires or is deleted.
       public static final String CACHE_ID_MAP         = "CacheIdMap";

       * Executes a query function and returns the results.
        * @param arguments
       *            This is a map of objects that define the function execution context. The keys are constants
       *            defined here, in this interface. The values are objects initialized from the user defined
       *            function (in the Audit Client web interface) and the runtime environment.
        * @return - The execution result for this function
        * @throws AuditUIException
       public QResult list(Map<String, Object> arguments) throws AuditUIException;
Argument Content
arguments Arguments describing the function context.

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