About the Datastore Client interface

Connection window

To access the Datastore Client user interface, you must enter your login and password. You can select the language you want to work with after login. If, at installation time, the interface has been configured with SSO and you have the access rights, then the login panel is not displayed and the Administration first panel is displayed.

What the main screen shows

The main screen is organized into:

  • A header bar.
  • A menu bar that contains two options: Queries and Reports. By default, when opening the application, the Queries item is selected.
  • A submenu bar that contains different menu items based on the selected item in the main menu bar. For Queries the options you have are Queries and History. By default, when opening the application, the Queries item is selected.
  • A work area with the content of the selected item.

The Queries page, opened by default, contains:

  • A navigation panel in the left pane that contains:
    • A toolbar with different types of controls that trigger actions
    • A search text field (default not visible)
    • A tree structure that provides the list of queries.
  • A result panel in the right pane (divided in two) that displays the results of a query.

A divider separates:

  • Navigation and result panels
  • Result panel 1 and result panel 2.

If necessary, you can:

  • Hide the result panel 2 using the hide/show icon.

How you use the navigation panel

You can switch between two views by clicking on the Navigation panel title:

  • Query to display the queries in a tree of folders and sub-folders you are entitled to see.
  • History to list the queries that have been executed.

History view

Requests are kept between sessions. The history panel displays a list of the last requests that have been executed.

Query view

The query panel displays all the available queries, organized in a tree structure of folders and sub-folders.

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