Specify the report templates

In the Report Templates screen of the request wizard, you configure the view name and template list attached to the request.

Note   This is an optional step for request results used to generate reports.

This screen displays:

  • The name of the database view that accesses the request cache table.
    • You must enter a unique and valid view name. The view name is used in the BIRT templates to access the data from the request result.
    • If the name of the view is not valid or if it is used by other request definition, you will not be allowed to save it.
  • The list of templates that can be attached to the request.
    • The list is filtered based on the tag, object type and element type that is set as output to the request.
  • You must choose one or more templates for use when generating reports based on request execution reports.
    • Only the last report template generated should be visible in the wizard.
  • Save to validate request.

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