Specify the function settings

  1. Select the type of function you want to use from the drop-down list. In the context menu, the navigation functions are: goToChildren, goToParents, goToOriginAncestors, goToFinalDescendants, but you can also create your own custom functions.
  2. Complete the function arguments fields.
  3. Click Add to create arguments.
    Specify Name and click Add to create arguments.
  4. Field Description
    Function name Function name that corresponds to the bean name of the registered exit that implements the function.
    Arguments used as input for the exit function.
    Rank Argument rank.
    Name Unique argument name.
    Type Argument type: String
    Default Must be the name of one of the default system relationships or the name of a user defined relationship

    The argument can be visible or not.

    If you have not checked the visible option, you must enter a default value.

  5. Repeat this step as many times as necessary.
  6. Use:
    • Add/Remove to add arguments or delete existing arguments.
    • Up and Down to reorder the list of arguments.

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