Specify the columns

This screen displays properties based on the Output Tag and Object Type selected in the general information page. You can refine your selection by moving it to the right pane and either applying aggregation, and sort criteria on the properties.

  1. Specify the Type object.
  2. By default the type object and properties displayed, correspond to the selection you made in Output in the general information page.
  3. Select a property from the list in the left panel and add it to the right panel using the center arrows.
  4. Sort the result if this action is available for the selected property.
  5. If you are using the aggregation, you must select the appropriate aggregation function from the list for each property.
  6. Changing aggregation from Yes to No will trigger a reset of the selected columns.
  7. Once you have a set list of properties, you can change the order using the Top/Up/Down/Bottom buttons.

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