About Datastore

Axway Datastore is a highly scalable, high volume financial data repository that stores input events processed by the AccountingIntegrator, generated output postings, and audit traces of the transformation that has occurred based on the rule assumptions. Axway Datastore can be used as a financial Audit Trail repository. It allows integrity management and safe preservation of data over time. Axway Datastore is extensible and allows storage of additional data, such as accounting repositories and business inventories in order to put in place reconciliation processes.

Axway Datastore provides the following features:

  • Datastore Runtime
    • Partition management
    • Space management
    • High performance injection tool
    • Complete API
    • Cache management
    • Archive/purge management
  • Datastore Client
    • Query wizard to define requests to the Datastore
    • Storage and management of the query results (aggregation, sorting, filtering)
    • User rights to limit the access to the queries
    • Integration of custom queries defined using the API
    • Audit trail navigation queries
    • Management of the user preferences
    • Internationalization of the user interface

The stored data is available for all Datastore services:

  • Business Check
  • Audit

Data Injection and extraction

The Datastore data injection/extraction services enable you to:

  • Inject data into Datastore ‘storage’:
    • Datastore managed data.
    • Company repository data - referential data for checks and controls.
    • From upstream applications data - business events.
  • Extract data from Datastore ‘storage’:
    • For downstream applications data - accounting events, traces, specific selections
    • For audit justification data
    • For FEC data generation

The managed data in Datastore ‘storage’ include:

  • Business events - data provided to Datastore by upstream applications (operational systems).
  • Repository - data to be referred to by the different Datastore processes.
  • Audit trace files, generated by the AccountingIntegrator transformation.
  • All data that can be useful to the Datastore processes.

Control functions

The Datastore control functions enable you to:

  • Create and update data stored in the Datastore ‘storage’.
  • Check and enrich stored data.
  • Apply control functions.

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