About Datastore Runtime


Datastore Runtime provides:

  • A batch tool (dstools) that you use to configure, inject, extract or maintain the data in the database.
  • An API that you use to create and execute the queries for extracting the data from the database.

Datastore Runtime also uses:

  • Spaces to provide dedicated storage based on type of information.
  • Partitions to improve data management.
  • Datastore criteria to optimize search in the database.


Datastore uses several directories.

Directory Contains
. dstools shell scripts of batch tool for Windows and UNIX.

All configuration files used by Datastore.

lib All jar files used by Datastore API and tools.
extra Additional deliveries such as Java documentation, samples of CRUD projects and samples of extensions.
log Datastore Runtime logs are stored in this directory.
database SQL scripts to create database schemas.

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