Clean the configuration

To clean the configuration:

  1. Go to the collections list and select the collection you want to clean.
  2. Click Clean configuration.
  3. In Application, select the application.
  4. The components that are linked to that application are listed.
  5. Select the components linked to the selected application to clean the component databases (by default, all components are selected).
  6. Check Repository to clean the repository database. Cleaning the configuration from the Repository increases the application version.
  7. Check Directory to clean the deploy directory.
  8. Click Proceed.
  • Cleaning is discouraged for a production site.
  • In case of synchronization issues between the Repository and runtime components, it is possible to clean the Repository only to fix the issues. You can then deploy a fixed configuration to the Repository and runtime components.


If there are errors, a dialog displays the errors/warnings.

The data grid has three columns:

  • Level: message level (Error/Info/Warning)
  • Message: generated message
  • Component: component that generates the message

To filter messages by level, check the message level you want to display. By default, all levels are selected.

To copy the information in the clipboard, click Export to clipboard.

If there is no error, a dialog displays that the configuration has been cleaned successfully.

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