A new Type of rules is available in the Designer: Interact

When the Interact rule type is selected in the Rule editor:

  • The following Collection Type fields are hidden: name, from version, to version.
  • Packet is renamed Flow.
  • The behavior is similar to Control with the following exceptions:
    • The action part can contain ExecuteOperation functions
    • The following predefined event functions are available: getEvent(), getEvent(id), store(id, evt, duration)
  • The context variable can be used to pass contextual information from one rule to another in the scope of an event or result handling.
  • Example
  • Rule1[FileEvent] for flow1
  • do
  • context.a = value1
  • Rule2[FileEvent] for flow1
  • definition
  • b = context.a

Rule execution

To execute rules,the user must deploy the flow management configuration to the Interaction application.

The filtering of the rules is based on the flow and the event type.

At runtime, when events or operation results are pushed to the Event Processor:

  • The system executes the default rules packet
  • If Result of Event flow property is not null then the packet with the same name is executed if it exists
  • The type property of Event or Result is used to find the matching rules.

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