Specify the function calls

Complete the fields.

Name Type / Max. length Description
Function type String / 80

Type of function.

  • Control Import Function
When String / 10 Function is called BEFORE or AFTER the action.
Library String / 50 Library where the function is declared. This library can be any of the libraries created in the application.
Function String / 50 Name of the function. This function can be any of the functions of the given function type declared in the library specified previously.
Arguments String / 50

Depending on the selected function, specific fields, if any, are displayed dynamically. They correspond to the arguments of the selected function.

There are two ways to set arguments:

  • Using collection property - Use the following pattern {Collection_Property_Type_Name}
  • For instance, {AMOUNT_MAX} where AMOUNT_MAX is a property type of the collection type.
  • A constant value - Use one of the following patterns:
    • Date: yyyy-MM-dd. For example, 2014-02-31.
    • DateTime: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss. For example, 2014-02-31 02:03:59.
    • String: value without delimiter. For example, DEB.
    • Decimal: dot as decimal separator and without grouping separator. For example, 12999.108.
    • Integer and Long: value without grouping separator. For example, 900100.

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