Communication in runtime environment

The following data is injected in Datastore and made available to queries and audit navigation functions:

  • Audit trace
  • Referential data
  • Business data

The following data can be extracted for business and check purposes:

  • Audit justifications
  • FEC
  • Business data

Communication in Runtime environment


Event Processor

The Event Processor:

  • Reacts to incoming events such as the configuration defined in the Composer - AccountingIntegrator Enabler and the Designer.
  • Triggers actions such as importing the Rule Engine configuration into the Repository.

Datastore Runtime

The Datastore Runtime:

  • Executes the injection commands to store the process data flow:
    • Business events
    • Postings
    • Traces
    • Referential
  • Executes the extraction commands to extract data for the process.
  • Must be managed according to the Database Administrator regulations:
    • Analysis of the obsolete data
    • Data lifecycle management
    • Purge obsolete data

Datastore Client

The Datastore Client provides queries for:

  • Auditor - checking of Rules and procedures, regulation of Audit.
  • Business manager - analysis of performances, analysis of risks.

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